Free Repair Estimates

Free Repair Estimates

Free Repair EstimatesYou needed free repair estimates included with the home inspection. The most frequently asked question I get asked by home buyers and their realtors is “how much will it cost to fix that?”

When it comes to the average house or commercial building there can be a lot of ‘that’s’ that either need fixing or are items to negotiate value over. Nothing slows a real estate transaction down faster than waiting for contractors estimates. First someone has to figure out what’s to be estimated. Then figure out who will estimate, will they estimate on time, will the Inspection Contingency timeframe run out?

If I’m a Realtor (I was many-many moons ago) I know that a home inspection (good or bad) is going to give me indigestion. Why? Because, until the inspection the buyers realtor had some control over the events. Because of the inspection, the buyers agent knows, just like I do, that the question is going to be asked. “How much will that cost to fix that?” The Realtor knows that the mad scramble is about to begin. Who do I call, when can I get them to see the property, are they too busy, is it about to derail the negotiations? Transaction pressure is about to get raised to a new level.

At Smart Choice Inspection Company, using the latest and greatest tools and reporting ability to make the inspection process faster, smoother and easier for everyone, is a standard, it’s how I do business, so it made sense to solve the next greatest challenge. Repair estimates.

A year ago I was approached by Repair Pricer, a company that provides repair estimates for the real estate market. Repair Pricer’s business exists to solve the problem of “how much will it cost to fix that? I’ve studied and trialed their products for some time, but they were expensive. I needed to know that their repair estimates were good.

The repair estimates are good. The Repair Pricer report was so good and so fast that it’s been a major success. I stopped making it an option and started giving it away for free with every home inspection. It’s making everyones stress go down. And, low stress is always good.

As soon as the Smart Choice Inspection Company inspection report is published, the buyers realtor is able to request repair estimates for free to go with the inspection report. The buyers agent is back in control of the process. You’re welcome! 

Free repair estimates included with every home inspection report. No need to call a dozen or more contractors. Smart Choice Inspection Company is once again proving why we’re the smart choice. Have all the information you need to negotiate quickly with estimates in hand. Save time, save stress and negotiate faster.