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Water quality testing is critical to determining the health of your drinking water. Contaminants can find their way into water from old pipes, runoff, agriculture, and industry. Many times these contaminants can be undetectable to the senses and yet seriously damaging to our health. Especially damaging to the health of infants, young children, seniors and immune compromised individuals.

Most of us are on either a well system or city water. A well is our own “private” water source. Wells are common in rural areas around Michigan and Indiana. All wells must be tested according to the local health departments when real estate is transferred. City water is referred to as “public” water. Benton Harbor has been making the headlines for lead levels being far above EPA guidelines. Benton Harbor is not the only public water source that is operating on older – lead infrastructure.

Both private and public water sources can have their problems. Water Quality Tests is the only way to determine the health and safety of your drinking water.

Local health departments in Allegan County, Berrien County, Cass County, and Van Buren County, Elkhart County, LaPorte County and St. Joseph County all have minimum set requirements for water quality testing which includes Coliform and Nitrite testing.

Beyond the basic testing – water quality tests are available to measure many forms of bacteria, organics, metals, and chemicals.
Water Quality Tests can get expensive quickly. You can test for a laundry list of contaminants, which others may talk you into with no real need of, or threat to your water. At Smart Choice Inspection Company, I try to protect your pocketbook and your health. Unless there is a suspected water quality issue, I start with affordable testing measures and a visual inspection, and only if the situation requires further evaluation should we consider a more stringent style of testing and examination.

As a local Licensed & Certified Master Inspector, I use a fully equipped local lab to process all of my water samples. This can reduce the time it takes to receive a test result by several days.

If you need a Water Quality Test or Mold Inspection within Michigan City, South Bend, Elkhart, St Joseph, Benton Harbor, New Buffalo, Stevensville, Niles, Paw Paw, Bridgman, Sawyer, Berrien Springs, South Haven or the surrounding areas – call Smart Choice Inspection Company now.

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Water Quality Testing starts at $150