Sewer Inspections St Joseph Stevensville Benton Harbor Niles Dowagiac Buchanan South Haven Paw Paw New Buffalo Bridgman Berrien Springs Surrounding Areas Near Me MI MichiganSewer Inspections have the highest frequency of major issues found per inspection, and yet, Sewer Inspections are never thought of until it’s typically too late. For a low upfront cost you can protect yourself from having to shell out thousands for sewer line repairs.

And it’s not only old systems that are at risk of failure. Here are some typical first-hand failures: New system installed wrong – pipes not joined after they backfill the trench. Multiple other problems after backfilling. Sewer line not connected to septic tank because the installer connected the wrong one to the tank (I’m not making this up). New construction, pipe filled with all sorts of debris, clothes… Cast iron collapses. Tree roots. It’s a long list. IF NOT ALREADY IN NEED OF EXPENSIVE REPAIRS. A sewer inspection can tell you if there is already damage to the sewer pipe.

A Sewer Line Inspection should be carried out by a Licensed & Certified Master Inspector using a sewer scope. A sewer scope is a camera on a special rod that is capable of being pushed through the sewer pipe. The camera will allow a trained inspector to see damage within the sewer line in HD.

When a Sewer Inspection is requested in addition to a Home Inspection or Commercial Inspection, I will enter the sewer scope through the cleanout into the sewer line. A video file will be included online with the online Inspection Report.

The key to having a Sewer Inspection is to have it done prior to purchasing the property. Waiting till you own a property has expensive consequences. Expensive problems that your insurance company won’t cover – It was a pre-existing problem. 

  • Wastewater is backed up and spilling into the house.
  • Tree roots have already damaged the sewer line and are now blocking the sewer line.
  • The earth has settled, and the sewer pipe now has a low-spot – a belly which catches everything.

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Sewer Line Inspections start at $150

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