Commercial Services


Best in class: Using the award winning / best-in-class report writing software called Spectora. This software allows for a client to view a report in multiple formats (online/offline/pdf) as well as easily share the report with contacts. Our reports include written detailed findings and explanations as well as professional image and video content. 


Gold Standard: Smart Choice Inspection Company adheres to the industry-accepted International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Properties (ComSOP). 

The baseline commercial inspection includes the following:  

  • Exterior Components (paving, landscaping, and utilities) 
  • Roofing 
  • Structural / building envelope 
  • Mechanical and electrical systems (Single-phase and Three-phase) 
  • Plumbing systems 
  • HVAC systems 
  • Interior Components 

Remember, the inspection can be fully customized to your needs. While you may not understand what you need upfront – If we know your goals we can determine what you need. Here is a beginning list of commercial inspection services that can be helpful in determining your financial risk in evaluating a commercial property for purchase, lease or holding.


Cost-to-fix, AKA – Cost-to-Cure is from an appraisers vernacular. Appraisers are involved in many real estate transactions to help determine the actual value of a property.  Whether you have an appraiser or not, on commercial properties, repair costs can be large. Hidden and large repair costs that aren’t “valued in real dollars” can be the difference between understanding a good deal and a very bad one. When a property needs repairs, it has obsolescence. Physical or functional obsolescence. Obsolescence effects the value of the property. As a property owner, leasor/leasee, buyer, understanding the property value based on actual condition and the costs-to-cure/ or remedy needed to replace or repair the defective or aging components or systems of the property is critical. You’ll be flying blind without it!

If cost-to-fix/repair costs are important to your planning process, Smart Choice Inspection Company can provide a detailed report that includes costs-to-fix/replace (estimated).  


Capital Needs Assessments (CNAs), are also known as Physical Needs Assessments also includes forecasted maintenance needs. A Capital Needs Assessment in addition to a commercial inspection report builds on a Cost-to-fix analysis and provides estimated costs for the future of the property maintenance, as well as determining the cost to repair any parts of a property that must be fixed now. Capital Needs Assessments are often required by lenders to help determine the replacement reserve requirements for a loan. Capital Needs Assessments are frequently created on a forecasted 10-year basis.  to check the condition of a property, to ensure that any critical maintenance issues have been addressed, and, if needed, to re-adjust the property’s replacement reserve requirements.


Is the property in compliance with Title III of the ADA? The Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) is the standard used for public accommodations and commercial facilities. It provides the scope and technical requirements to ensure that a building is compliant with Title III of the ADA. The ADAAG standards apply both to newly designed or constructed facilities and altered portions of already existing buildings and facilities. Smart Choice Inspection Company follows an established ADA Compliance Checklist to help determine area’s of needed improvement.


Best in class: The Corentium Pro continuous radon monitor (CRM) contains four highly accurate passive diffusion chambers that work redundantly with one another. First of its kind Bluetooth compatibility to deliver reliable, fast, easy to read radon reports. NRPP Certified Radon Professional. 


State of the art: Air sample cassettes or surface sample tape/swabs, are used to gather the sample. The samples are sent directly to a specialized lab that digitally scans the samples using powerful microscope lenses. The sample is then scanned using a deep machine learning algorithm, identifying and counting mold spores and air particulates. The algorithms are taught using hundreds of thousands of images that industry experts have identified. Once the AI presents the results, an analyst confirms the results and generates the report. 


Sewer scopes can be of particular importance in a commercial building as tenants and employees aren’t always particular about what gets poured into the drainage system. This can play havoc with the sewer system.  We recommend that a sample of cleanouts are scoped to help determine the sewer condition.  


Commercial sewer systems can be complex. Including pumping stations, mound systems, drain fields, common ownership or shared responsibilities with city and county. We recommend that if a septic system exists that a basic inspection is performed. 


A number of rural commercial properties are still reliant on well water. We recommend that functionality, flow, performance and condition are evaluated and inspected. 


If the property receives its potable/drinking/washing water from a well, the well water should be tested – at a minimum for harmful bacteria. Other testing can be performed based on the condition of the water. 


Basic fire and life safety looks at important features such as fire hydrants, fire extinguishers, fire suppression system tags, building identification, fire alarms, pull stations, emergency lighting, and exit signs. Advanced fire and life safety will take a closer look at the fire suppression systems to make sure that the system passes any needed inspections. 


Free with a base inspection. We don’t believe in charging twice for looking once. If a base inspection is performed according to the COMSOP, termites would have been noted on the inspection report if signs of past or present infestations exist.  


A retention pond, sometimes called a wet pond, wet detention basin, or stormwater management pond (SWMP), is an artificial pond with vegetation around the perimeter and a permanent pool of water in its design. It is used to manage stormwater runoff, for protection against flooding, for erosion control, and to serve as an artificial wetland and improve the water quality in adjacent bodies of water. A constant source of deferred maintenance. We recommend that all detention ponds are inspected. 


Ultimately this is your commercial property inspection. We have the commercial inspection services to take on all projects. The scope of work varies from project to project and company to company. With advice from Smart Choice Inspection Company, we can help you tailor a commercial property inspection to fit your needs and your budget. 

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