Home Inspection Services

Smart Choice Home Inspection is the affordable choice.

One of the first questions you ask yourself when buying a home is, “do I need a home inspection or related services?

There are a few questions to ask yourself in determining the right answer. How much can I afford to lose if the home isn’t as great as I hoped it was? Can I afford to fix major problems? Do I have $20,000 to $50,000 for unexpected major issues? Will I be losing money on the home if I do fix things? Should everyone be safe in this home? If you can afford to lose money on your next home, if safety isn’t a concern you don’t need a home inspection.

On the flip side, what does a home inspection cost to manage my risks? Home inspections start at around $350. You want and need the best home inspection you can afford! Not the cheapest.

I include a FREE 120 DAY HOME WARRANTY with Home Inspections and a Home Buy-Back Guarantee.

If you’re looking for the cheapest home inspection you could be heading for a disaster once you own the home. Ask me how many times I’ve been asked, “why didn’t my inspector find that?!”

It’s easy to understand why some people believe that the cheapest home inspector is their first choice. They might be the same people that bought the cheap car which unexpectedly stopped running. Or, the same folks that booked that cheap hotel – the dirty one that smelled funny with views of a parking garage. I don’t know of anytime that cheapest ever lived up to the expectations.

The simple truth is that low-cost providers often cut services where you don’t always see it. And, in the world of home inspections – what you didn’t see before you bought the home could cost you tens of thousands afterwards.

Many of the low-cost providers are in-and-out of the home quickly. Supposedly providing the same level of inspection but in a fraction of the time it should take if they are inspecting the home to the standard, it should be inspected.

Smart Choice Home Inspection offers a full range of inspection services at an affordable price. I work hard to make sure I give you the best value for your hard-earned money and will provide you with a comprehensive report packed with photos and videos so that you can make an informed decision about buying your next home.

Smart Choice Home Inspections start at $350. I work to keep my prices competitive within the area. Unlike many other home inspection companies around Michigan City, South Bend, Elkhart, St Joseph, New Buffalo, Benton Harbor, South Haven, Niles, Buchanan, Paw Paw, Berrien Springs and the surrounding areas of Southwest Michigan and NW Indiana, I include VA and FHA Approved Termite Inspections at no cost. That’s $150 saving! I also include the use of a Thermal Imaging camera as standard on all inspections at no cost. That’s another $100 saving!

Right away Smart Choice Home Inspection saves you $250 off of every home inspection because it’s the right thing to do. It’s the smart choice.

Don’t lose a dollar to save a nickel. Smart Choice Home Inspection – apples-to-apples will save you now and long into the future. Call (269) 800-0111 to discuss your home inspection needs.

Home Inspections start at $350

Termite Inspections with a home inspection are FREE. That’s a saving of $150!!!

Use of a Thermal Imaging camera with a home inspection is FREE. That’s a saving of $100!!!

Investopedia has a great article about buying a home without an inspection. Read it here.

Extensive Report

Color coded system tabs on every page makes it easy to navigate. The reports are easy to read and very understandable. Pictures and illustrations are included to make noted problems clear. View sample report.

Clear Simple Pricing

What does a home inspection cost? You don’t have to jump through hoops to find out how much you’re going to pay for gas, food or clothes. So why should it be that way with home inspections? You’re right, it shouldn’t!

High Quality Photos

A photo speaks a thousand words. All noted recommendations in your report will be annotated with red or orange shapes. That way you will know exactly what you’re looking at!

Fast Reports

No waiting a week for your home inspection report. With us, you will have your report within 24 hours. In most cases, you will have your report emailed to you the same day as your inspection.