Commercial Building Inspections

Commercial Building Inspections Stevensville St Joseph Benton Harbor Niles Dowagiac Buchanan South Haven Paw Paw New Buffalo Bridgman Berrien Springs Surrounding Areas Near Me MI MichiganCommercial Building Inspections save you money. A building must support the needs of the business or the business suffers. If you’re about to invest in a commercial property of any description you’ve probably got your hands full trying to understand the value of the building based upon the health of the building and its systems. Expensive repairs can add up quickly turning a good investment into a disastrous investment quickly.

Valuing a commercial building based on many of the typical expected income calculations or cost calculations is the popular choice. But it’s only one part of the equation. Values can plummet quickly based on the condition of the building and its systems. Valuing a commercial building without a complete commercial building inspection can be financially disastrous.

Commercial Building Inspections share several similarities with residential home inspections with some potential differences. When choosing a building inspector for a commercial inspection make sure the inspector is experienced with the potential differences in HVAC systems such as rooftop units, electrical systems such as 3-phase electrical, structural systems and commercial roofing systems.

At Smart Choice Home Inspection, I understand the differences. I know your needs as commercial buyers are mostly different from home buyers. Decisions can come down to the ROI or Return on Investment which can change dramatically based on the health of the building and its support systems.

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Pricing Commercial Property Inspections is based on several factors. Please call Ian now for special pricing (269) 800-0111.

Commercial Building Inspections include Cafes, Condominiums, Convenience Stores, Hotels and Lodging, Manufacturing Facilities, Medical Office Suites, Mixed-use Buildings, Office Buildings, Retail, Residential Units (for-profit), Restaurants, Storage Facilities, Warehouses…